How much experience do you have?

I have been working in the portrait photography industry for seven years though my love of photography started much earlier.  Not only do I have experience running my own business but I have also studied under two elite photographers in New York City.  My first internship I studied under Jill Wachter, a fashion and portrait photographer with 20 years of experience in the.  Months later I moved back to the Big Apple to study under Annie Leibovitz one of the top photographers in the world, famous for her celebrity portraits, and work with Rolling Stone Magazine, Vogue and Vanity Fair.
How long will my session take?
The length of your session depends on what you are looking for.  Senior sessions can run anywhere from half an hour to 2 1/2 hours depending on the session you select.
Where will we go for my pictures?
I generally like to begin in the studio, as it is a good time for you to get used to the lights and camera and loosen up a bit.  When you come into the studio we will get you set up in the dressing room so we can go through the clothing you have brought and select the most photogenic pieces.  After we have finished with your studio portraits we will proceed to an additional location or two if it is part of the session you have selected. If you have any ideas of where you want to go before your session please let me know at the consultation appointment.  If you don’t have any concrete ideas, not a problem!  Based on your interests and passions, I will be able to suggest some amazing locations to best fit the imagery you wish to create!
What if it rains on the day of my session?
If you wake up the morning of your shoot and it is grey and drizzly, do not panic!  Weather changes so quickly in the Midwest that it may be okay in a few hours for your shoot.  If it doesn’t clear up, still don't panic, we will still get you in for your session!  Often times we will turn it into a two day shoot and do your studio portraits on the scheduled day and then reschedule the outdoor portion of the shoot.  This is actually beneficial for you especially if you want to change up your look for the two sessions!
How will I view my pictures and how soon can I see them after the shoot?
After completing a shoot I am as excited as you are to see what we have created!  I can’t wait to share the images with you, your friends and your family.  I will post a few images on social media within a few days of your shoot.  Once I have finished preparing your images for you to view, we will call you to set up an appointment to come in with your family and view your portraits on a large screen in-studio.  This appointment will be scheduled within one month of your session.  At this time you are encouraged to place your order so it is important you select a time when your family members are available.
What do I owe on the day of my shoot?
On the day of the shoot please come with the remainder of your session fee in hand.  You will pay for the prints at the time you place your order.
Will my images be printed on quality paper?
Of course!  I send your edited images to a printing company where they print with top of the line printers and the best quality portrait papers available.
Can I reorder more prints later if I find I need more?
The images you initially select for your order will be available for 9 months following the shoot.  That way if you run out of wallets, Aunt Sally wants more prints to decorate her wall and refrigerator or your graduation party is just around the corner, it is simple to contact the studio and place an additional order.
Will you retouch my images?
Absolutely!  Each session has a specific number of edited images included in the fee.  If you choose additional poses, pricing will vary depending on the level of retouching necessary.  At VOSStudios we are very cautious about over-retouching.  While we want you to look your best we still want you to look like you!  For this reason all retouching is done in-house and by hand.